Camping With Children Made Easy

Camping With Children Made Easy

Lets Camp!

It wasn’t until I met my husband James that I really got into camping. Our first tent was a little 4 man tent and I quickly fell in love with how relaxing it all was. As our family grew so did our tents and we now have the Vango Illusion TC 800XL. It’s an airbeam tent and has revolutionised our camping. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone looking to invest in a good sized family tent.

Our children love camping! Having all the time in the world to run wild with their friends, waking to the sound of birds and the bright morning sunshine and toasting marshmallows around the fire as the sun goes down. Just some of the many things we enjoy.

With the car and roof box bursting at the seams, I’ve got some top tips on activities to pack for your camping trip.

You can build your own activity pack via the create your own activity pack section on the Meli & Ro website. If you ever need a hand or some more inspiration you can ping us a message via the contact form and we’ll be right back in touch.

Activity books

The type of book will depend on your child’s age and interests but having one of these will be invaluable during down time!

Felt tips or colouring pencils 

To go with your activity book of drawing pad.

Nature trail toys

What better time to investigate and explore the great outdoors. Children will be captivated by what they find, and this is a fantastic opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Bubble machine

I don’t actually think we’ve ever done a camping trip without bubbles! Even if we forget them we end up buying some. As you well know, children love bubbles and they are always a huge hit while camping. (Just make sure they stay out of the tent to avoid spillages!)

Paddling pool

Fingers crossed that the sun shines for you on your camping adventure! ☀️ Paddling pools are so brilliant while camping. 

Water squirter 

Whether you have a paddling pool with you or not water squirters are always a great source of entertainment. Zip up the tents and let the fun commence!

Small world toys

I love watching imaginative play take place. Pack some of your small world toys, whether its little people, animals, cars or trains you will see a whole new level of imaginative play come to life and develop. Children can gather fallen leaves, flowers and sticks or stones around them and create a whole new play scene for their little toys.

A ball or frisbee

A fab opportunity to develop gross motor skills and hand eye coordination and also lots of fun!

Other useful things:


Insect repellant

Dustpan and brush (I actually pack my cordless hoover for when we’re packing up!! 🤣)

Hot water bottles

Head torches (if you can pack some for the children as they alway love their own torch!)

Camping chairs for the children

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