Children's Magnetic Art Case - Animal World Activity Set


Animal World Children's Activity Set

This Kids Activity - Magnetic art case is full of fun and engaging opportunities. Open it up and use the cards to learn about the different animals and create different scenes using the 53 magnets inside. Open it up further and you have a white board to use the dry wipe pen and eraser on.

This lightweight and compact case is ideal for any form of travel. We’ve found them amazing to take the boredom out of car journeys!

Children's Play

When children play, they are developing skills in all areas of development: cognitive, physical, communication, and social/emotional. They practice and reinforce these skills in a way that can’t be achieved through worksheets or screen time.

Play promotes healthy habits by actively engaging children in the world around them. This counteracts issues many children face today, such as childhood obesity.

Play is a natural stress  reliever, and an outlet that allows children to work through their anxiety and fears.

Play allows children to test out new ideas and make connections between their previous experiences and their active investigations.

Children make their own decisions during play; they begin to make connections between their choices and the natural consequences of those choices.

Play supports the development of self-control which is critical for success later in life. Children play because they have a deep desire to understand the world.

Play helps children develop mindfulness as well as feel safe and secure to try new ideas and experiment. As children become engrossed in play, they suspend awareness of time and space, becoming fully present in the task at hand.

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Looks great
Very fun, multiple ways to play