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About us | Meli & Ro

I’m Sophie, mum to 3 gorgeous children! As a family we love travelling and going on camping trips and generally keeping busy. 

Meli & Ro started after years of working with children and then having my own and struggling to find ideas of things to do on holidays, long journeys camping trips and in restaurants etc that were screen free, fun and long lasting. 

My vision was to create bags and packs full of fun and engaging things to do that can be used over and over again. When you have a holiday to plan we’ve taken care of the entertainment for your children. Simply choose a pack or build your own and we’ll have it sent to your door ready to go.

As a Norland Nanny I have always loved coming up with exciting ideas to keep children entertained. Travelling equipped with your pack will make your journey so much easier and is also a lovely opportunity for children to learn.