Dog Dominoes Childrens' Game


Dog Dominoes Kids Activity Game

Perfect for children, this fun little dominoes game features 7 canine characters and 28 domino pieces. Lovely Addition to a kids Activity pack. Screen free entertainment and educational packs for children   

  • Each domino measures 5 x 10cm
  • Not for children under 3 years
  • Material:
  • Dimensions: Length: 10 cm Width: 5 cm

Matching – The game teaches your child how to match pairs (called visual discrimination). The ability to see differences in similar objects is an essential skills for learning to recognize letters, numbers and shapes.

Recognition – Whether you use a regular deck of cards or picture cards, your child will learn to recognize numbers, pictures and shapes as they look for identical pairs to ‘snap’!

Customer Reviews

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Peter Stephenson
Dog Dominoes

Solid cards and a selection of dogs. Just begun playing with them with the 3-year-old. She is responding; my sense is that the pictures could be less twee and more surprising and atmospheric. Less sweet little doggies, more lively and surprising.