Colourful Creatures Heads And Tails Game.



Colourful Creatures Heads and Tails Game

Learn and play with Rex London's cute Colourful Creatures Heads and Tails game in decorative gift box. Classic Kids Activity Set. Perfect Screen Free Entertainment  

See if the little ones can match up the numbered tiles in a game of mix and match!

  • Each tile contains a number of dots or a written number.
  • Size of tile: 10cm x 7cm
  • Material:  Card
  • Dimensions: Length: 21 cm Height: 2 cm Width: 19 cm


Matching and Memory Games:

  • improve concentration
  • train visual memory
  • increase short term memory
  • increase attention to detail
  • improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects
  • help to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits
  • improve vocabulary

Visual acuity plays a vital role in a child’s ability to identify, understand, assess, and interpret one set of different objects from others including symbols, letters, colours, forms, shapes, patterns, size, etc. Memorization games can help improve visual perceptual skills in a child, to a point where they are able to mentally visualize outcomes with little to no trial and error. Such games can also help improve language and vocabulary.

Even where English is the first language, some kids do struggle with mastering it, and while strong vocabulary skills can be developed and polished through consistent reading and writing, children often get bored with books. There are fantastic interactive memory games that can help a child improve both their language and word association, and unlike homework sheets, fun games can keep a child stay focused for extended periods, and have tons of fun while at it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fab game

My 18 month is loving the pictures and can see him growing to love the game as he grows. Also love the number matching game on the back of the cards. Good quality. Arrived on time. Great for a gift.

L. Wol
What a wonderful shop!

I was delighted to come across this lovely shop! Such beautiful items, great prices! Well made & really quirky! Really happy with the delivery time frame, items were well presented in packaging. The game looks brilliant! Highly recommend!


Brilliant, my boy love it. Great game a lot of fun